Soft Modern Paintings - Bodyline I and Bodyline II - Modern Detail By Sarah Jane Adelaide Art Studio

Soft Modern Paintings of People – Bodyline I and Bodyline II By Adelaide Artist Sarah Jane

Who doesn’t love soft modern paintings of people. It is calm, beautiful non offensive and something that you can stare at for hours wondering what the story is.

Both paintings are inspired by you, me, your next door neighbour, your friend, your family etc. It is a painting series or an art of people, about all of us, everyday people and the way we interact, the way we move, the things we do, the shapes and sizes we are.

Art - people - Bodyline I - Artist Sarah Jane
Art – people – Bodyline I – Artist Sarah Jane

Bodyline I painting was the first in the series. This particular painting is based around a woman who is a strong model, posing in a certain way as she is about to be photographed. She has style, pizazz and a sense of strength about her without being overbearing.

It is a trendy modern painting using charcoal to outline an abstract body shape with soft pastel colours running throughout to reflect the beauty of the female form and the calm energy we want to emulate for its wall space.

Quite a large painting at 152cm x 101cm it is matched well with our other painting in this series Bodyline II

Art - People - Soft - Bodyline I and II - Sarah Jane Australian Artist
Art – People – Soft – Bodyline I and II – Sarah Jane Australian Artist

Bodyline II follows on from Bodyline I with the same principle that a calm energy has been created by the soft colour tone.  Following on with the series about people Bodyline II is an outline of a couple sitting down nattering away. It reflects the early stages of a relationship when couples are up all hours not being able to get enough of one anothers company and talking abut anything and everything till the early hours of the morning.