The Most Beautiful Candleholders For Your Home Are By Sarah Jane

The Most Beautiful Candleholders For Your Home Are By Sarah Jane

We have a new spring in our step this December with the recent launch only a week ago, of our Sarah Jane Candleholders in Adelaide and now Australia and aren’t they beautiful candleholders.

With some more big news set to roll out in the next week, it is a very exciting time for us, but in the meantime we would like to properly introduce you to our new range.

We all love the Sarah Jane Art on our walls but now we are extending our love of modern abstract art to other parts of the home with our interior décor to truly ignite your senses.

When you turn the lights off and light up a tealight in the candleholder I’m sure you will agree that the most beautiful candleholders for your home are By Sarah Jane. Not only will they provide an art piece in their own right in your home during the day, but at night they create a true sense of ambience as the Sarah Jane Art illuminates from the bottom up. As the candleholders are made of white glass it allows the light beam to penetrate through, gently showing the abstract features and colours from the Sarah Jane Artwork.

These Candleholders can provide for great relaxation at the end of your day. A time to just sit, and take in the beauty before you. Being that they are 9cm in diametre and 10cm tall they can be placed in so many different places, bed side tables, by the bath, a coffee table or even on a dining table. Very versatile to fit in any space yet will provide a big impact.

The good news. We will be rolling out new collections often to follow the trends of interior design colour schemes and styles so your home can always have something fresh and new.

Don’t worry though we will always have a range of choices as we know some days you may wish to light a tealight in a candleholder full of colour and energy and other days you may want more subtle calming colours to slow the pace of life.

So start your collection today and turn your home into a beautiful artwork.

WARNING: Always ensure you read the instructions on the candle.  Never touch the candleholder when lit as the glass may get hot. Always ensure the dust cover is removed before lighting. Please refer to further safety guidelines on our website.