colourful contemporary original painting - sarah jane australian artist no nonsense

A Modern Colourful Painting About Life

Being a Modern Abstract Artist, you never quite know what may transition on a canvas painting.

My latest painting for 2019 though seemed to flow very easily and had a background or intention to it. Named “No nonsense” this large piece standing 152cm tall and 101cm wide is a reflection of wisdom, of life as you age. A modern colourful painting about life.

modern living space - contemporary abstract painting titled no nonsense by sarah jane artist

Like many, when I was younger I thought I knew everything about life, but as you age you realise how much your goal posts can move on your views.  Life lessons are always thrown at us and we tend to develop a more no nonsense approach to life as we get older and learn not to sweat the small stuff and turn away from others who have no positive effect on our life or who haven’t been there during hardships. So this painting is a reminder of who we are and have far we have come. The loose outline of a woman with her bobbed hair and part of her shoulder showing and whose back is turned away from the viewer is a reminder to continue on the path of No nonsense and not to engage in drama or aspects of life that may effect us in a negative way.

A gorgeous colour palette has been used on this large modern painting with mixes of both cool and warm colours both in soft and bright tones to really give this painting some presence.  With the use of both oil and acrylic paints the mix of textures assists in making an interesting artwork to hang on your wall.

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