Art By Sarah Jane for Your Office or Boardroom or Reception Area - Modern Detail By Sarah Jane - Abstract Artist

Australian Artist Sarah Jane Can Deliver The Right Message About Your Business In Your Office Space

ATTENTION ALL BUSINESS OWNERS, MANAGING DIRECTORS AND CEO’S OUT THERE, STOP AND TAKE NOTE!  Within seconds of a client entering your office space, they have already made a judgement on your business based on what they see and feel in their surroundings. How can you ensure this judgement works in favour of your business? Well you’ll have to read the article below and view the slideshow at the end.

Okay, so it is a sign of the times. Every business is out there competing for the consumer dollar. Whether you are in a product based industry or a service based industry, the rule remains the same, First Impressions Count!

People may not always remember what was said, however they will always remember how they felt in a certain environment, this environment being your office space, boardroom or reception area. So whether you are a small business owner or CEO, ask yourself this question, “What message does our office space convey about our business and does it represent how we want to be perceived?”

The fact is, we are all human and have within seconds already made a judgement on a certain business, your business, by what we see and feel when we enter your office space. So the importance of creating the right energy in a space is fundamental, as a message is always delivered and that message can determine whether you not only get initial business, but get repeat business which can be the key to success.

So how can you quickly and easily translate a certain message or statement you may ask. The answer is simple, ART!  Art is a fantastic medium of voice and energy.  The use of certain colours, styles, patterns all can evoke different emotions and feelings allowing us to shape an idea or perception in the mind of the viewer.

Lucky for all of you out there, I am an Australian Artist who loves seeing the energy of a room transform from one of my Sarah Jane Artworks on a wall, so I can help your business provide the right story or energy for your space. Now I understand creativity, colours, styles may be out of your depth, I also understand you don’t have the time to be scrolling through my website guessing on what you think may be suitable. So let Modern Detail By Sarah Jane help you make a difference to your office space!

Every business is different, with its own individual goals and objectives, so your first step is to decide on the message you want to deliver for that space.  Perhaps you are a Financial Planning Firm and want your message to represent who you are as a business?  Maybe a strong, bold artwork presenting a message of success. Perhaps you have a Medical Practice and want your message to alter an energy state of a client. Maybe a calm, tranquil artwork to help relieve any anxiety or stress a client may be experiencing whilst waiting.  Or maybe you are a well-established business like a bank wanting something just a bit different, a talking piece for a foyer creating excitement and intrigue.

You may even have multiple spaces requiring different messages in each.  Perhaps an inspirational artwork for a boardroom area to help evoke ideas, perhaps a fun happy artwork for a lunchroom area allowing staff to relax. Whatever your requirement, whatever the size of your business, small or corporate, we have the perfect Painting or Print By Sarah Jane for your office space. Just let us know the message you would like to achieve and we will suggest some Sarah Jane Artworks that we believe will help you facilitate your message leaving you with the easy task of deciding Yes or No.

So support Australian Art and Business and get a Sarah Jane Artwork today. Your clients will engage you for it, your staff will thank you for it, and you, well I suspect you might even fall in love with it. “Cos Every Office Space Needs A Sarah Jane”