Boardwalk in Glenorchy New Zealand inspired This Sarah Jane Painting

With the onset of Autumn and the realisation of many cooler days ahead, I started to reminisce on the weekend about the Summer just gone. This thought alone was enough to inspire me to do a new modern abstract painting using bright bold primary colours to remind me of the energy Summer emits. All I needed was an idea and I didn’t have to think back far to get my inspiration.

Sarah Jane Artist in Glenorchy which inspired the painting boardwalkIn January, I was lucky enough to head over to Queenstown in New Zealand. It became very clear immediately why so many movies were made in that country, the landscape was just breathtaking. I took many photos on this holiday but one stood out in particular, a little boardwalk I had seen on a road trip to Glenorchy. With few souls around I was drawn to this boardwalk and more importantly the  lamp post that stood at the end. I’m not sure why, but I was fascinated by its rustic beauty.

So this photo was the inspiration for painting in which I used bright primary colours to add some life and energy to a place that was actually quiet and tranquil. That is the beauty of modern abstract art you can change the story and energy. With a yellow boardwalk, red lamp post and blue waters and grey mountains this trendy painting speaks fun and vibrancy.

 This Painting has now been sold but please feel free to check out my other Original Paintings.

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