2017 Manchester Tragedy Painting By Sarah Jane Austraian Artist

Modern Painting Inspired By The 2017 Manchester Tragedy By Australian Artist Sarah Jane

Without knowing it at the time, the 2017 Manchester Tragedy was the basis behind the modern painting “United We Stand.”

With the beginnings of a splash of watery red paint and waves of tan and green, I was unsure where this painting was going to take me. Before long though, outlines of people close together using black and copper tones started to form, standing together in unison.

It was clear there was a theme emerging and it dawned on me that my sub conscious concern of recent world news, being the attack on Manchester and the stories I had read about the unity and solidarity by the people of Manchester and the world following the attack, was being told through my artwork.

The colourful painting “United We Stand” represents the good of humanity and how we as people are strong and united when we stand together. That despite tragedy the community and the world came together to support one another.

In light of all the sadness, the hope and strength of humanity will always prevail. May you forever be strong Manchurians.

This piece has now sold however we have many other beautiful paintings for sale and would be happy to assist you in finding the right piece. If you would like a print of this painting please contact us.

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