Modern Red Black and White Painting of a Gentleman named Regal By Sarah Jane

Modern Painting For The Modern Man Cave – Regal By Artist Sarah Jane from Adelaide

This massive painting is perfect for a Gentlemans club or the modern man cave and would you believe was inspired by a glass and its shape.

Yes a simple cocktail at a local winebar with its beautiful curvature glass and small spirit level led my mind back in time to an era of cigars, whiskey and the roaring 1920s when men were proud, well groomed and Regal. A time when moustaches were present and manners maketh man. There was my inspiration for my next Sarah Jane Art piece.

Off to work I went painting with white and charcoals in order to give a simple, classic effect to suit the by gone era. The man himself housed all those physical characteristics I was trying to convey with tidy hair, black tie suit and a moustache and of course his whiskey glass in hand. However, given the seedy side to that era in time, where there was also a lot of Gentlemans clubs around that were known for gambling and illegal activities I wanted to add a twist to the painting and reference that also. It seemed appropriate to use bright red paint as the bold statement to my story and these strokes were deliberately placed across his face and body to depict there may be another side to this man.

Large Modern Painting of a gentleman drinking whiskey by Artist Sarah Jane called Regal - MODERN DETAIL BY SARAH JANEFull of class and intrigue this would be a great painting for the modern man cave. Measuring 183 x 122cm it is a real interesting statement piece.

This painting has now been sold but to all the art collectors out there we would love to offer you another Sarah Jane Painting or a Glass Print or Framed Print of Regal can still be arranged for you.

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