What do Glass prints look like on a wall - Sarah Jane Artist

What Do Glass Prints Look Like On A Wall – Sarah Jane Artist

Following on from my previous article “What are Glass Prints,” we also get asked what do glass prints look like on a wall?

We have therefore decided to do a follow up article with a video below so you can all see for yourself.

Personally I just love this format of Art. The Sarah Jane Glass Prints add a real sense of style, class and trend to a room due to their reflective nature and the modern abstract aspect of my work is complimented with the clean lines and polished edges. What do I mean by clean lines well the glass prints have a floating effect, they are seemless. This is achieved due to the fixings supplied for the print whereby by the print that has a plate attached to the back sits on top of a secondary plate that gets affixed to the wall.

We hope you love our Sarah Jane Prints on Glass as much as we do.