Adelaide Abstract Artist Sarah Jane Paint Distance - Tension between two people

Modern Painting called Distance By Sarah Jane Highlights The Reality Of Communication Breakdown

We are starting 2018 with a new, soft coloured, painting using Pink, Grey and White. Three colours which blend so well together to create a beautiful feminine softness and harmony, yet is a distant cry from the story of the painting. What is the story you may ask? Well this modern painting called Distance by Sarah Jane highlights the reality of communication breakdown between people and the tension and distance that results.

This painting is unusual due to its conflicting nature between colour scheme and story, but given I love peace we have used these soft colour tones deliberately to try and restore some balance.

Following my usual abstract nature, I have used black to outline a simple shape of two bodies sitting back to back to symbolise distance and tension. The simple outline has been deliberate to signify no specific gender as strained relationships can occur between friends, lovers, family, anyone really. Inside the outline is swirls of pink, light grey and white to depict the chaos our bodies experience when put through stress and disharmony. So the moral of this painting is to keep communication lines open as tension is not healthy for us.

This is a smaller painting measuring 90cm wide by 59cm in height, so it is versatile enough to fit in a small space whether on a dresser or perhaps on top of a fireplace.

This painting has now been sold but we have many other beautiful paintings that are available for purchase