The secret to what women want this Valentines Day

The Secret To What Women Want This Valentines Day

If your woman is wondering what you are up to this week, tell her it is secret mens business, because frankly you are about to get lots of brownie points by taking on board the information I am about to pass on. Yes I, Sarah Jane will give you a helping hand for the one day all men dread, Valentines Day.

Don’t worry we know you can’t stand the word shopping so we are going to get right to the point and make this painless for you on what women want. If we have said to you we don’t want anything, ignore us because really we are secretly hoping you will do something that shows us you care.

So, this is it the golden ticket to getting in her good books, get her something that is personal, from you. Ideally if you are hands on and creative make something yourself. Now if you aren’t one of those people I’ll come to your rescue. All you need to do is think of a lovely message from you to your partner and we’ll put it on one of our Sarah Jane Candles.

Not only will you be providing your partner with a personal message of love in your own words but the artwork and message will slowly illuminate as the candle burns down providing a beautiful relaxing atmosphere to enjoy while the fragrant scents fill the air. Your lovely lady will be utterly impressed by the effort you have gone to and don’t worry I won’t let on about our big secret.