Scooter Chick Painting Brings a Positive Energy To Your Home

It is difficult to come up with new, fun names all the time for all my pieces. So at the end of November after completing the featured artwork, I turned to all of you for help, asking for suggestions. To assist with inspiring some creative ideas for the task we provided a time lapse video herewith for viewing of the piece from start to finish.

A big thank you to everyone who got involved and a special thanks to those who provided reasons for the name. It was lovely to hear your thoughts.

I’m happy to announce that this piece has been titled “Freedom.”

Given the painting is that of a girl with her hair blowing around in the wind on a moving scooter this seemed the perfect choice of all the suggestions. Maybe she was off to the beach to have some fun, maybe she had a rough day and just needed to hit the road to escape her troubles. One thing is for sure though, she looks FREE!

This painting has now been sold however you can still purchase a Glass Print or Framed Print.