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Modern Art By Australian Artist Sarah Jane – Original Painting for Kids “Magical Fields”

As cute as a button, this modern kids painting is a perfect addition for any little boy or girls bedroom.

Kids love all things bright, adventurous and fun so this painting naturally came about quite easily. As a kid I used to have a fascination with red and white fungi thinking they were magical and so, so pretty.  I dare say it was the rounded shapes and popping colours that caught my attention wondering what magical creatures may even lay home therein. Seems I may have watched too much of the Smurfs as a kid, but that memory allowed me to create Magical Fields depicting two kids sitting on a magical fungi.

So what better way to keep your kids imagination alive by letting them make up their own stories about what magical things may exist in this painting. Maybe they just might be real.

So if you are interested in this piece, check it out on my online shop. “Cos Every Home Needs A Sarah Jane”

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