Gentleman Charcoal Drawing By Adelaide Artist Sarah Jane - Linear I

The Art of Being A Gentleman Charcoal Drawing By Adelaide Artist Sarah Jane

Inspired by the 1920’s era where traditions and values were expected and respected, we decided to depict the art of being a gentleman in this painting using charcoals.

A large artwork at 152cm tall and 122cm wide, this is a simple yet effective Sarah Jane piece using linear lines to keep an on trend contemporary vibe, whilst using a historical figure.

Many of us have probably seen some old black and white photos whether from the war days or even old news events. One thing that always stands out is the subjects ability to always look their best. As such, a gentleman dresses appropriately, has good posture, clean cut hair and gives a strong presence. All of these characteristics of a gentleman we have captured in our painting and we think he has a real debonaire presence about him.

Locals from Hyde Park check out the Artwork By Sarah Jane at The Local WIne CompanyThis painting is tailored towards those gentleman out there and would look fantastic in a space that is dedicated to being a man’s room. Whether this be in a bar area or a bachelor’s lounge room, we think this is a great sophisticated piece to really stamp some masculinity into a room.

Currently “Linear I” By Adelaide Artist Sarah Jane is on display at the Local Wine Company at King William Rd Hyde Park South Australia.

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