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What is the driving force behind Modern Detail By Sarah Jane?

Sarah Jane emerged after I discovered the energy and passion I had for colour, and the beauty and magic that lay in artwork.

I had gone from a career orientated, highly stressed individual, who never had time to really take in a moment or experience, to a person who now stopped to truly look at things and absorb the beauty in the world, who let fun enter her heart and mind and who had rediscovered a love of the creative.

But why did I, Sarah Jane decide to create a business out of my new found love, launching Modern Detail By Sarah Jane in 2016? Well it is quite simple, two reasons.

Seeing not only the change in my own mood from producing the artwork but seeing the energy of family and friends change as they entered a room that had a  “Sarah Jane” hung on the wall, I realised the impact my works were having. It became apparent that something so simple as a piece of artwork on a wall could completely change the vibe or feeling within a room and that energy could transfer over to the people within it. So my vision had become clear, this was no longer just about engaging my passion and providing fulfilment to myself, family and friends but it was time to SHARE my work so that others may also experience the positive energy and happiness resulting from this little secret. It was time to share my love of colour whether it be bright and bold providing fun and vibrancy and a sense of feeling energised or soft and calming providing a feeling of relaxation and peace.  This would now be my goal, to help replace feelings of stress and negativity in individuals once they walked through the door after a hards days work to feeling positive and happy.

But for me launching Modern Detail By Sarah Jane  wasn’t just about changing the feel of a room and peoples moods. I wanted to use my abstract art to set peoples imaginations alive, give people a chance to escape the adult world which was full of responsibility and rules and remind them of a time when their hearts and minds were free and where magic and fun lived. Abstract art gave the capability to let all people wonder, to have their own interpretation of what they were seeing in each stroke I had placed on a canvas. They were able to create their own story from what they saw and the beauty was there was no right or wrong its all about everyone’s individual perspective.

So my dream is to share my artwork so that all homes may enjoy the energy of a “Sarah Jane” so that all people can feel a sense of peace, happiness and positivity despite the moment they may be in and to seek out their inner child by letting their mind run free and slipping into a world full of imagination. This is the drive behind Modern Detail By Sarah Jane and hence the motto was born “cos every home needs a Sarah Jane”

Modern Art, Homewares, Art, Interior Design, Interior decor
Modern Detail By Sarah Jane – Abstract / Modern Art