Modern Art Exhibition By Sarah Jane

Modern Art Exhibition By Artist Sarah Jane for the SALA Festival 2017

We are getting very close now to the opening of the SALA Festival 2017 here in Adelaide, beginning the 1st of August 2017.

Posters and stickers of participating venues are starting to be seen all over the city and suburban areas and with the guide being issued a couple of weeks ago within the Advertiser Paper, it seems this 20 year anniversary year is hotting up to be a memorable occasion.

The last month I have been collaborating a mixture of Sarah Jane Paintings and Sarah Jane Prints to kick off my exhibition called “Something Just A Bit Different”. Being a Modern Abstract Artist I look forward to providing not only Art Collectors but Mums and Dads with Artworks that will provoke interesting conversations and thought processes about what is exhibited.

To give you a sneaky peak of a couple of featured Artworks check out my video below.